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Business Intelligence Blueprint


 Captures more than 60 critical elements of your business’ foundation. We work with your team in identifying and developing these business intelligence essentials, including your Vision, Culture, Goals, financial and data measures, long, medium and short range plans, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats), people, training, relationships, gaps, and competitive advantages.  

Ultimate Hiring System


Attract, Hire, Retain, and Reward great employees following our proven step by step process.  You will build from scratch, or improve each of the 28 key essential elements for improving hiring success by 337%!

Mastering Your Business Numbers


Get an in depth analysis of your current business financials, metrics, and database.  Using the "10 Levers of Business Growth" you will develop a detailed plan for correcting errors, filling gaps, and improving your profit margins, cash flow, and business value. 

Business Development Model: Targeting Profitable Customers


Create a strategic plan for attracting a steady flow of profitable clients to your business.

Getting Top Dollar When Selling Your Business


Create and begin implementing a complete Action Plan for improving the 28 strategic factors that will maximize the value of your business and make it attractive to your best potential buyers.

Time Management Program for Self-Mastery


Create a compelling vision for your self, your life, and your business.  Create clear goals and milestones to achieve your vision.  Design and live your "Perfect Day" every day.  Make the most out of every year, quarter, month, week, day, and interaction.  "A life with Purpose is a life well lived"

Delegation & Accountability: Achieving Team Mastery


Unite your entire team around your company vision and culture.  Create seamless communication that empowers every team members.  Build clear protocols and processes for delegation and assignment of tasks.  Design simple to use tools to track and assure accountability.

Fill the Pipeline FAST: Referrals, Networking, & Strategic Alliances


70% of global commerce is the result of Strategic Alliances.  The fastest and most cost effective way for most businesses to build a sustainable pipeline of qualified and profitable clients is through Referrals, Networking,  & Strategic Alliances.  Learn the proven processes that work and have them customized for your industry and business.

Systemizing Your Business: What & How to Implement


Turn your business into a scalable powerhouse by systemization of all elements of your business to achieve consistency, ease of replication, lower costs, improved performance.  Use our checklists, guides, and templates to rapidly transform your business into a consistent and predictable cash making machine.