LoomView transforms boring bookkeeping into profitable business intelligence

For many business owners and senior executives, bookkeeping is a task to be delegated – if at all possible – and dispensed with quickly.

After all, these entrepreneurs, inventors, and self-employed professionals are capable of many great things and bookkeeping is, well, tedious and a black hole of time. That’s why God created accountants, isn’t it?

Enter Denver-based LoomView, a recently launched nationwide service that transforms conventional bookkeeping into profitable business intelligence. And, armed with the same tools and processes that S&P 500 companies have used to grow to record profits, LoomView provides small and medium size business an affordable way to use their own financial data to generate significant additional cash and profits.

The duo behind LoomView, father-and-son team Jeff and Jake Wilson, have been employing this special brand of bookkeeping alchemy on behalf of their own profitable businesses for decades, as well as teaching successful business owners how to work bookkeeping magic in their own businesses.

Indeed, father Jeff, 56, has been honored as one of the top business coaches in the nation, having guided more than 270 small and medium businesses to greater profits and fulfillment. Jeff, a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, has also owned and operated five of his own enterprises.

While business owners typically launch their companies because they have a passion for their concepts, invariably most executives have far less interest in managing and understanding what their companies' financial results are capable of revealing to them.

“Most business owners don’t have a great understanding of what makes their own businesses profitable,” observes Jeff.

While conventional bookkeepers and accountants merely chronicle a business’s numbers,LoomView’s focus is on correctly gathering and interpreting those results to set a more profitable course for each business.

Numbers can be incredibly revealing, explains Jake, if you know where and how to analyze them.

“If you don’t understand how to utilize your own bookkeeping numbers, you’re not able to gain the type of traction with your company that can be sustained over time,” he adds.

Jake, 28, brings a different perspective than his father to LoomView. Trained in architectural design – with an emphasis on flawless systems and functional blueprints – Jake has transposed his love of order and precise design into the software and data architecture that serves at the center of LoomView’s proprietary services.

“When you’re designing a building, you can draw this really great, beautiful structure, but if you don’t understand what goes into it and how to keep it upright, it won’t work – it won’t sustain,” says Jake. “If you don’t know where the beams are, if you don’t know what the foundation is made of, and if it’s not constructed properly, it will not be able to hold up and perform.

“As the quote says, ‘God is in the details,’” Jake explains.

Like a loom that is used to create tapestries, Jake says LoomView weaves together the best technologies, business intelligence, and services into a single, unique, and easy-to-use platform that will provide business owners an unparalleled view of where their businesses stand and where to lead them to attain greater profitability and satisfaction.

“It’s a good idea to have fun at what you do,” Jeff explains. “It’s even better when the business makes more money.”

Jake is the author of The Business Owner’s Guide to Bookkeeping, a 55-page PDF that is available for free from the LoomView website at www.LoomView.com. “This is a guide to inform business owners on a very important and often overlooked, ill-informed, and even neglected aspect of business” – i.e. correctly collecting and interpreting results that can be deployed as competitive business intelligence.

The Wilsons have LoomView service packages to fit all size companies and budgets. Each package promises to help owners uncover wasteful expenses; discover ways to boost customer acquisition, sales and profits; and to make the entire bookkeeping process hassle and pain-free.

Perhaps most importantly, says Jake, is that LoomView helps its clients move from a reactive mode – in which they are “getting the financial data for the past month, next month” – into a proactive mode, that allows them to use timely financial results to profit immediately and during the months to come.

LoomView also offers a free newsletter for business owners who wish to profit from the business intelligence contained within their own bookkeeping and financial data. To subscribe, visit www.LoomView.com.

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LoomView Enterprises was founded and is Owned by Jake and Jeff Wilson. Jeff is a Wharton School of Business graduate with a degree in economics and has over 29 years of experience coaching businesses and has worked with over 500 businesses. Jake graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in architecture and has been training and developing teams and leaders for the past 6 years.

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