When I first met with LoomView I wasn't sure exactly how they could help me with my business.  I simply handed them my books and they were immediately able to consult me on some process deficiencies that were in my business.  As we continued the evaluation, I realized some fundamental flaws that could be extremely detrimental to my company. 

My marketing efforts have always been referrals.  LoomView helped me identify that I was very focused on one or two avenues whereas I should develop more categorical sources for referrals.  I now have five different referral sources and building more.  Furthermore, LoomView helped me gain a new perspective on revenue streams.  I had never considered that I have different types of revenue.  This has greatly improved my ability to set multiple revenue goals whereas before this evaluation, I generally focused on a very simple concept of an annual goal.  Shining light on my processes has given me a new ability to build my company to a whole new level.  I would recommend every business take a deeper look at their processes through a different set of eyes like LoomView.  Thank you Jake and Jeff.


Norris Davis
Norris Davis III