LoomView really helped up shift the source of income in a large way.  We found that our current income strategy had a lot of potential for our business to fail. LoomView showed us how to regroup and focus our energies on the activities most likely to produce the kind of results we are looking for: opportunities to expand our services and to generate revenue.

Once we got a new organizational structure in place, LoomView continued to provide guidance and support especially in the areas of fiscal accountability and various aspects of marketing. We are now creating business where we once never thought to look.

If you are small business owner because you have a skill and struck out on your own, call in LoomView. You may have some idea of what to do and anyone can look on the Internet to find "how to" literature, but having ongoing conversations with a business savvy expert creates a merging of ideas and direction for your company. You can get advice about the things you have to do in a business that are in addition to having a skill or service that you want to provide your community. You will generate ideas you could not have generated in any other capacity. The advice is to get out of your head about what to do and hire the voice of business intelligence, LoomView.
Sherri Cooper