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For Enhanced Business Performance

Did you ever wish that that there was a pill for whatever is ailing your business?                                          Pick the right pills that will cure your ills.

WARNING: Side Effects Include Increased Revenue, Enhanced Profits, High Team Performance, and Consistent Growth.

Pill 1 – Business Intelligence Assessment - Click here to see a sample assessment

  • A detailed analysis of the 10 key components of every business that can be tracked, tested, and measured to increase revenue, decrease expenses, gain new profitable customers, and improve your business performance
  • Getting a bird’s eye view of the operation’s effectiveness, performance abilities, and capabilities
  • Determine the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for each of those 10 components from a business intelligence perspective
  • Creates the framework for the development of the metrics to be measured

Pill 2 – Product and Service Profit Margin Analysis

  • Calculate the EXACT profit margin for each and every product and/or service you offer
  • Identify your most profitable products/services
  • Identify your least profitable products/services
  • Identify money losing products/services
  • Allows you to build your marketing around your most profitable products/services
  • Gives you the ability to create packages that are more profitable and more valued than your individual products/services
  • Identify which products/services you want to use to incentivize your team to sell

Pill 3 – Marketing Return On Investment Analysis

  • Identify your most successful and most profitable marketing channels, strategies, campaigns, and sales people
  • Uncover which strategies/channels create the highest lifetime value customers
  • Uncover which strategies/channels create the highest average dollar sale per customers
  • Uncover which strategies/channels create the highest repeat customers
  • Uncover which strategies/channels create the highest number of your most profitable referrals

Pill 4 – Sales Process Analysis

  • Identify all steps of your sales process
  • Allows you to create performance criteria
  • Identify conversion rate or multiple conversation rates
  • Identify areas for process improvement and team training
  • Identify sales bottlenecks
  • Uncover opportunities to improve sales materials, tools and your sales team

Pill 5 – Key Performance Indicator Identification and Analysis

  • Identify your business’s specific metrics that when tracked and measured give you the ability to predict and subsequently improve the future performance of your business
  • Uncovers performance gaps that impact results
  • Allows easy monitoring of business performance and trends

Pill 6 – Cash Flow Budgeting and Forecasting Analysis

  • Identify availability of excess cash for reinvestment in business
  • Identify potential cash gaps so actions can be taken proactively
  • Create a benchmark for future performance
  • Turn the vague and uncertain into clarity

Pill 7 – Bookkeeping Analysis

  • Get clarity on the timeliness and accuracy of one of the most critical components of your business
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Use the data to identify areas of concern that if unaddressed will adversely affect or could even destroy your business

Pill 8 – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System Analysis

  • Determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your CRM as it relates to business processes
  • Identify if and how you are capturing the necessary data to make successful and informed business decisions
  • Uncover if your CRM is being utilized to its fullest extent, and determine what improvements can be made
  • The impact of your CRM on the data captured; is it helping and moving your business forward or not


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LoomView Enterprises was founded and is Owned by Jake and Jeff Wilson. Jeff is a Wharton School of Business graduate with a degree in economics and has over 29 years of experience coaching businesses and has worked with over 500 businesses. Jake graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in architecture and has been training and developing teams and leaders for the past 6 years.