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For the business owner that wants to get their hands dirty and do the work themselves, we created our membership services.     Here is where we will provide you with all the information you need to implement metric analytics, proactive financial management, dashboard services, as well as many other aspects of B.I. so that you can create your own B.I. solution for your business.


Free Membership

Sign up for a Free Membership and make sure you are always the first to get the newest news on business intelligence techniques and tools as well as staying on the cutting edge of your industry and ahead of your competition.

Your membership will give you access to our Newsletters, our Business Intelligence Reports, all Audios, What's New in BI articles, and premium information like the Business Owner's Guide to Bookkeeping.

Silver Level Membership

Are you a business owner who likes to take the hands-on approach?

With the Silver Level Membership will have access to the LoomView proprietary curriculum that takes you through our staged approach from setting up your foundation and infrastructure, to having reliable proactive financial management systems in place, and ending with a fully functioning Business Intelligence Driven business.

The curriculum will be released sequentially by month so that you are able to spend at least the minimum amount of time necessary on implementing each element before moving the next step.

By the end, you will have a business that runs on analytic, metric and data driven decisions rather than myth or gut feelings.  Once these items have been identifies and implemented, you will have created a consistently growing business in sales, revenue and most importantly profit.  AND ITS ALL DONE ONLINE!

Gold Level Membership     

Even though you are a hands-on Do-It-Yourselfer, having an expert answer your questions and being able to hear what other business owners are dealing with is an invaluable addition.  Our Gold Level Membership provides such benefit.  We hold a monthly hour-long call that all Gold Members are invited to attend and get their questions answered.