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How to get more leads and customers from your marketing

How do you keep (or turn) your business into a profitable, growing and stable business? The Small Business Administration (SBA) has a simple answer, “all businesses should have procedures, plans, and policies…to test, evaluate, …validate..and report..information and data..(including) financial (data)”  In our work with more than 400 businesses over the...

Avoiding ‘The Holy Grail Syndrome’

Many otherwise-savvy business owners and executives become victims of “The Holy Grail Syndrome” – the illusion, or delusion, that their most pressing business problems can be remedied if they just hire the right consultant or business service. We wish it were so. Yes, there are many capable and effective business...

LoomView transforms boring bookkeeping into profitable business intelligence

For many business owners and senior executives, bookkeeping is a task to be delegated – if at all possible – and dispensed with quickly. After all, these entrepreneurs, inventors, and self-employed professionals are capable of many great things and bookkeeping is, well, tedious and a black hole of time. That’s why God created accountants, isn’t...