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KPI’s – What are Key Performance Indicators?

What are KPI s? There are three indicators KPIs are Key Performance Indicators.  They are one set of three powerful indicators that are found in every business, and every industry, regardless of the size of the company. Results Indicators Results Indicators are measure things that have happened in the past,...

Entrepreneur ideas for low cost marketing

  73 strategies There are so many great ideas for marketing.  We’ve identified 73 strategies.  Today, we are going to focus on entrepreneur ideas for low cost marketing. One popular strategy is networking.  For some people, if there’s food and there’s people at a networking event, they’ll be sure to...

What is an entrepreneur’s best chance at maximizing their marketing ROI

Marketing Return on Investment How do you build a $3 million business in an industry where the average business generates $750,000?  Effective marketing.  Our client uses direct mail, radio, TV, SEO, infomercials, newspaper ads, call centers, sales people, public relations and more.  They invest an average of $24,000 per month...

How to get more leads and customers from your marketing

How do you keep (or turn) your business into a profitable, growing and stable business? The Small Business Administration (SBA) has a simple answer, “all businesses should have procedures, plans, and policies…to test, evaluate, …validate..and report..information and data..(including) financial (data)”  In our work with more than 400 businesses over the...
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