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Why B.I.?

What is Business Intelligence and why must every business owner need it in today's business world?

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How LoomView Business Intelligence Works

Watch our video as we explain the basics of Business Intelligence

While there are lots of BI technologies out there, its how you use those tools and that information that determines the extent of your BI solution.  In this video we lay out the basics of where to start, some basic tools, and the type of results properly used BI can generate.


Business Owners Guide to Bookkeeping

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Our Business Owner's Guide to Bookkeeping was written to inform business owners on a very important and often overlooked, ill-informed, and even neglected aspect of business and one that is by far the most crucial to the success and growth of ANY company, regardless of size.

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Business Intelligence Reports

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Another benefit of the LoomView Free Membership is that you get access to our Business Intelligence Report audio recordings.  Could you benefit from more leads?  Do you know the difference between cost of goods sold and overhead? How do you leverage your opportunities with other companies?

Our LoomView BI Reports will give you these answers and much more, and each recording is less than 10 minutes.   To see the full list of the available audios create a username and password by clicking below.


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Business Intelligence makes you money

In a recent study, Nucleus Research, the leading provider of investigative information technology research and advisory services, evaluated four levels of business intelligence implementation and the Return on Investment (ROI) for each:

1. The initial stage of automating reports, which yielded an average ROI of 188%.

2. The tactical stage, where organizations leverage analytics to improve decision making rather than just increase productivity yielded a 389% average ROI.

3. The strategic phase, where enterprises deployed analytics across most of the organization and used them to align daily operations with the goals of senior management, yielded an average 968% return.

4. The predictive phase yielded the highest average ROI of 1,209%, as organizations tapped into big data and extended their analytics to larger data sources beyond their firewall to include partner ecosystems and social media.

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